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Donation in kind to the THW Förderverein e.V. Ortsverband Gütersloh


We support the THW Förderverein e.V. Ortsverband Gütersloh by donating various barrier materials.

The Technische Hilfswerk (THW) is the German civil protection and disaster management organisation. More than 80,000 volunteers work in 668 local associations to provide competent and committed help to people in need. Modern equipment, professional equipment and well-trained specialists are the basis of THW's high operational efficiency. 

The THW development associations support the individual local associations in supplementing the THW's nationwide standardised equipment. In Gütersloh in particular, there have been more and more operations in recent years to support the local police authorities, during which security and traffic control measures have increasingly had to be carried out. Other THW operations that are set up over several days or weeks in places accessible to the public must also be well secured. For this reason, as the German market leader for integrated, certified solutions in road barrier technology, we have agreed to make a large donation to the local THW Förderverein e.V. Ortsverband Gütersloh. Among other things, the donation consists of several barrier grids as well as traffic cones with flashing lights. This will make it possible for the THW Gütersloh to provide even more professional protection at the scene of operations in the future or to better implement traffic safety measures.